Tools & Gear

Building Tools & Contractor Gear in Roxboro, NC

<strong>Building Tools &amp; Contractor Gear in Roxboro, NC</strong>

Bullock Lumber Co. has a variety of tools and supplies in stock to help complete your project. Whether you are a professional contractor or a weekend handy man making some repairs around your home, our store has the tools you need to complete the job. When a skill saw breaks or you lose an important tool, stop in to Bullock Lumber Company to pick up your building materials and that last minute tool needed without having to go to two different places.

We offer hand tools, safety equipment, power tools, and all of their associated accessories. Stop in today to see our full line of equipment available!

PPG Paint Supplier

<strong>PPG Paint Supplier</strong>

Bullock Lumber Co. is proud to offer PPG Paint and painting products. We can handle color matching or mix a can of the color you need for your latest painting project.